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Month: May, 2012

Former Top Chef Ty-lör Boring and TBD at the City Grit In NYC – Asian BBQ

Crispy Duck Fat Chicken with Kale Coleslaw and Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

Ty-lör Boring

Country Style Pork Ribs with Black Eyed Pea Pit Beans and Tamarind Glaze

Ty-lör Boring



One More For Good Measure

Acadia, Maine, 2010


Camping Season

The Thicket, 2011

Antique Apple Orchard, 2011

Ferns After Rain Storm, 2011

Third of July, 2011

Let the camping season commence!  This will be the first weekend upstate on foot and tent bound;  chilly mornings, sunshine, mosquito bites, and open flame grilling.  Time to put that New York state of mind on the back burner for the weekend and get a little fresh air.

Followed by Willie Nelson at the Ulster Performing Arts on Sunday!


Atlantic and Alaskan King Salmon

Atlantic King Salmon

Atlantic King Salmon, 2012

Fresh catch from the New Fulton Fish Market up in the Bronx, NY.  13lb salmon sold whole sale @ $4/lb.  After my less than stellar fillet job she rendered nine beautiful two person steaks.

“I had a hard time smiling that fish was so heavy”

I was about 2 yrs old, when my family first moved to Alaska.  One evening, with a little help from Budweiser, while both scrunched into a telephone booth at the Diamond Belle Saloon in Durango, Colorado my dad and my uncle bought a fishing boat in Seattle.  The Walker family Alaskan adventure began soon thereafter.  He quit his job working at the oil rig as an advising geologist and flew to Washington state.  With little to no experience they sailed that 40′ fishing boat from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska.  We spent almost five years up in Alaska, first in Juneau then in Haines, my father and uncle working as commercial fisherman.  I think that because I was so young most of my memories from that time stem from old pictures and corresponding stories I’ve heard over the years, but even today that time seems vivid in my mind.

I found this photo of my Dad when I was at home last Christmas.  It was taken in either 1981 or 82, he was 29 or 30 yrs old.  I was asking him about the photo today and he recalled this Alaskan King Salmon, larger than their Atlantic cousins, to be 98lbs.  It was the biggest single King Salmon they ever landed.  After selling the rest of their catch to the local tenders (fish buyers), they packed this beauty up and hiked him into town.  They went straight to the famous Baranof Hotel and Restaurant, which was the best restaurant in Juneau at the time.  They sold their monster King directly to the chef for $3/lb.  A huge pay-day for them, he gave them and even $300.  Good money back in the early 80’s for two small families that fished for a living.

Perfection for a young boy growing up.

Seamless on Showtime, Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie w/ Seamless Screenshot

So, Im watching season 4, episode 4 of Nurse Jackie, the Showtime series, and nurse Jackie admist dropping an F-bomb or two strolls right by a Seamless ad at the subway entrance!  Good job nurse.  Thanks for the shout out.